Teacher Materials

Ministry Reporting Resources

K-12 student reporting policy communicating student learning guidelines

Criteria and considerations for written reports for educators

Unpacking the proficiency scale support for educators

Proficiency Scale from Ministry Policy Document

Descriptive Feedback from Ministry Policy Document

FAQ from Minsitry Reporting Policy Document

Definition of Common Terms

Provincial Proficiency Scale Resources

Explanation of Provincial Proficiency Scale

Discussion notes on the Provincial Proficiency Scale

Proficiency Bike Posters – PowerPoint

Proficiency-Bike-Posters – PDF

Proficiency Bikes One Page

Driving Proficiency Final(SD38)

Secondary Assessment and Reporting SPARK Website

Kindergarten Continuums (KLPs) 

Oral Language_Continuum

Reading and Viewing Continuum

Social Responsibility Continuum

Writing and Representing Continuum



Quick reference charts of the new curriculum for each subject from K-9

Curricular Competencies K-9

Adaptation Checklist- February 4, 2020

Summative Report

Examples of Summative Learning Growth Comments


Reporting on IEPs June 2023

Adaptation Checklist- February 4, 2020






Types of Conferences Revised 2023

Sample Conferencing Timeline Revised 2023

Suggested Teacher Check List – Preparing for Conferences

Student Inclusive Conference Schedule

Sample questions teachers could ask during conference


Definition of Portfolios

Portfolio Slips

Goal Setting

Setting Learning Goals

Goal Setting Template

Star Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2023

FAQ from Minsitry Reporting Policy Document

Sample Conference Reports (Terms 1 & 2)


K Sample Conference Report Card

K Sample IEP Conference Report Card


Primary Sample Conference Report Card

Primary Sample IEP Conference Report Card


Intermediate Sample Conference Report Card

Intermediate Sample IEP Conference Report Card