Teacher Materials


Quick reference charts of the new curriculum for each subject from K-9

Examples of Summative Learning Growth Comments

IEP Instructions for Summative Paper Reports

Reporting for Students with IEPs Feb2018

Adaptations Checklist

Behaviour Adaptations Checklist

Competencies Summary

Core Competencies  I Can Summary Document Version 1

Core Competencies  I Can Statements Version 2 Word Version

Core Competencies I Can Statements Version 2 PDF Version

Curricular Competencies K-9

Unpacking the Circular Graphic

Primary – Communication Pictures for Students

Primary – Communication Posters

Primary – Personal-Social Pictures for Students

Primary – Personal-Social Posters

Primary – Thinking Pictures for Students

Primary – Thinking Posters

French Thinking posters

French Thinking pictures for students

French Personal-Social posters

French Personal-Social pictures for students

French Communication posters

French Communication pictures for students 

Competency Example Banks – Critical Thinking

Competency Example Banks – Creative Thinking

Competency Posters

Types of Conferences

Sample Conferencing Timeline

Suggested Teacher Check List – Preparing for Conferences

Student Inclusive Conference Schedule

Definition of Portfolios


Sample questions teachers could ask during conference

Setting Learning Goals

Goal Setting Template

Notes for Teacher – Literacy

Notes for Teacher – Numeracy


Teacher Tutorial on K Reporting

Teacher Tutorial on Primary 1-3 Reporting

A Teacher Tutorial on Intermediate Reporting

Teacher Tutorial on the K-7 Reporting Principles


A Teacher to Teacher Video