SD42 Reporting Principles


The purpose of reporting should be to review student growth and to set learning goals.


Conferencing Model for term 1 and 2 that is student-inclusive. These conferences are to be documented using new exemplars. Term 3 is a non-conference report: Kindergarten uses anecdotal comments and grades 1 – 7 use the Performance Standards.



Conferencing Includes Parents and Students

Use a Conferencing Model that is student-inclusive

Parents, teachers and students conference together
Students participate actively in conference

Take some time to review current growth?
Celebrate strengths
Discuss progress in Literacy and Numeracy

Focus on moving learning forward
What are the learning needs for this student?

Set goals together for future progress
Establish ways to support learning (what? how? who? timeline?)

Post-Conference: Documents must be placed in student file and copies sent home

Teachers maintain professional autonomy

Engage in ongoing assessment throughout the year
Use proven assessment tools
Teachers use professional judgment when determining:

  • How students participate in conferences;
  • Scheduling of conferences – meetings can be ongoing and spread over time;
  • Conferencing process: 1. teachers follow conference model outlined above, and tailor discussions according to individual student needs; 2. teachers can use or adapt exemplars as agreed upon by the school team (teaching staff and admin), adaptations must follow the principles of this document

Focus on the big ideas, not the minutiae.